Volunteer Safety Health and Environment Local Liaison (SHELL) (V7327)

Volunteer Safety Health and Environment Local Liaison (SHELL)

This role will help us save lives at sea by promoting a proactive safety culture for all our people.


Location description
Various locations
Time commitment
1-2 days per month
Volunteer type
Community Safety
Closing Date
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If you’re passionate about safety in your community, you’ll be pleased to hear that an exciting new voluntary role has been created to support safety, health and environment (SHE) at the RNLI.

The Safety, Health and Environment Local Liaison (SHELL) programme was successfully piloted last year, which enabled us to trial the role of the SHELL.  We were able to see how they are able to support colleagues with delivering safety messages and driving safety improvements locally.  The success of the pilot has created a huge appetite for SHELLs in more areas of the RNLI.

We are now ready to bring this initiative into Community Lifesaving (CLS) and are looking to recruit the SHELL roles.  The SHELL role will involve actively supporting and encouraging volunteers and employees to engage with safety best practice and being a local advocate. We are looking to recruit volunteers for each lifeboat station and lifeguard support centre within each of the lifesaving areas.

You don’t need to be a safety professional to become a SHELL but you will need to be a great communicator, naturally supportive and passionate about keeping your community and colleagues safe.

If you want to be part of driving forward this exciting development, please read further...

What will training involve?

Training will be 1 day SHELL training covering modules such as communication skills which includes the delivery of a TOT (Time Out Talk), incident reporting awareness, risk assessment awareness and challenging safety behaviours. Dates of this training will be confirmed in due course.

How much time will I need to commit to this role?

1-2 days per month

How can I decide if this is the right opportunity for me?

You can use the details on the role description which are attached to help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you.

Who can apply?

All existing RNLI staff and volunteers can apply for this role.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying and you are an existing member of staff, please ensure you have spoken with your line manager first, as these duties will take place within your contracted hours.  If you are an existing volunteer, this will be in addition to your current role.

Please apply by completing the application form and ensure you include specific skills that you feel you could bring to the role, the benefits you would bring to the RNLI if you were appointed to the role and key reasons for your interest.

You must include which lifeboat station or lifeguard support centre you would like to volunteer for within your application.

Shortlisting will be based on your application and number of SHELLs required in your area.  If you are shortlisted you will be invited for a short face-to-face or online discussion.  Please apply no later than 30 September.

Here’s some feedback from a SHELL who was part of the pilot:

Prior to SHELL project I did not really think about the health and safety aspect of the jobs and roles around the station. Doing the course opened my eyes to the potential of what was happening and what can happen if we do not take a safe approach to things. 

I became more safe aware and encouraged others to do the same.  

I find that having a SHELL role in the station helps us to be aware of our own safety and the safety of others and be safe in the roles we have with in the station.  

I have also found that by being encouraging about being safe and approaching it from a positive perspective, the response has been that volunteers feel their welfare is being considered and looked after.  Finding the balance is important. Encouraging safe behaviour and a change of mind set towards safety helps create a safer environment.    

Being open and listening to the volunteers in regards to their safety concerns and ideas, I feel has help improve the team atmosphere with in the station.  

Volunteers benefit from being; appreciated, acknowledged and heard, and I see how the SHELL role effectively contributes to these factors. 

Phil Maguire




This is a volunteer opportunity within the RNLI.  RNLI volunteers are people who, unpaid and of their own free will, contribute their time, energy and skills to support the purposes of the RNLI.  RNLI volunteers may perform a variety of tasks and duties, under direction and guidance, using their skills, knowledge and time to help the RNLI best achieve its objectives.

We respect and honour our volunteers by building trust and understanding.  Such a partnership is not intended to be a legally binding contract or to have mutuality of obligation, but instead express a voluntary two-way commitment where everyone gains satisfaction from being part of our organisation.

Our staff and volunteers have been saving lives at sea without prejudice for nearly 200 years. We respect and value diversity of background, skills and perspectives within our teams, and consider it essential to help us deliver a world-class lifesaving service. We are an inclusive organisation and welcome applications from everyone. In addition to having the skills needed for the role, we also look for applicants who share our commitment to living our RNLI values (trustworthy, courageous, selfless, and dependable), and helping us work towards our goals of halving drowning in the UK and Ireland by 2024. This involves a growing commitment to preventative action, using our expertise to work in partnership with communities locally, nationally and internationally to prevent drowning.